Ghidini Press P87-P88 U3

Ghidini P87-P88 U3

Pneumatic Press for Dry Cleaners

  • Ghidini automatic presses are easily operated thanks to their pneumatic systems.
  • Higher power pressing, fully adjustable, and a variety of bucks for specialist applications.
  • The wide opening bucks, facilitate both the pressing operation and the use of the steam iron.
  • Operation of the press head may be controlled by pedals (AP version), in order to leave the operator’s hands free. In this case, to ensure operator safety, a safe-hands protection frame is fitted to the press head.
  • Alternatively, the head of the press may be controlled by two buttons (AB version), which have to be pushed simultaneously.
  • The presses are available either completely self contained with built-in electric and automatic steam boiler, vacuum and compressor unit as required, or for central supplies operation.
  • The P87 has a faster lowering action than the P88, and is particularly suitable for rapid service dry cleaning shops, press centers and clothing industry.
    Furthermore P87 is equipped with a shading device controlled by a lever that allows the press head to be lowered without pressing it on the lower buck: in this way it is possible to steam and vacuum the clothes without pressing them.

Available Options

  • Upper anti-shine Teflon plate
  • Complete steam iron assembly
  • Swinging arm with suction and spotting shape
  • Steam-air spotting gun
  • Built-in vacuum unit
  • Built-in steam boiler
  • Automatic working cycle preset by timers
  • Built-in compressor unit
  • Blowing device
  • Additional vacuum pedal

Available models

  • AP – Lowering of the press head controlled by one pedal, complete with safety frame
  • AB – Lowering of the press head controlled by two push buttons

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