GMP E160.30 Chest Ironer


Chest ironers belonging to E.30 line are dedicated to medium-size laundries, generally working in combination with washer extractors up to 30 kg load capacity.
E.30 can process linen after a pre-drying phase, using an ideal residual moisture of 25%.

Strong and reliable, they feature oversized components which make them perfect also for working on 2 shifts.

Bigger contact surface compared to E.25, matched with a 1.6 meters usable width, make E160.30 an excellent choice for catering table clothes, especially when fitted with TENAX option: it delivers a perfect ironing finish.
This ironer is suitable to iron linen up to 3.2 meters width

Variable speed allows adjusting the ironing parameters to perfectly match with the linen processed, while steam extraction system contributes to optimum performance and to extend lifespan of the steelwool roller cover extracting humidity from the internal layers.

A perfect choice for all the laundries where constant productivity and low maintenance costs are required.


Hotels, restaurants, sport clubs, communities, schools, nursing and care homes, camps, shipboard laundries, oil rigs, small industrial laundries, dry cleaning shops.


  • Patented roll removing system
  • Hard chromed chest guaranteed 3 years against corrosion
  • Microprocessor control
  • Frequency controlled variable ironing speed
  • Steam extraction system
  • GEMINI dual temperature control
  • Roller padding made of steelwool + Nomex cover
  • Smart foot pedal stopping roller rotation and leaving hands free to adjust linen in the introduction phase
  • Painted feeding basin and aluminium feeding table
  • Emergency stop button and finger protection bar
  • Front linen return


Cylinder Dimensions: 1600 x Ø300 mm
Available Heating Sources: Electric
Hourly Production: 50 kg (r.h. 25%)
Heating Power: 11,4 kW
Standard Supply Voltage: 400/3N
Ironing Speed: 1 ÷ 5 m/min
Steam Extraction System: Standard, Ø75 mm, 90 m³/h
Ironer Dimensions: 2170 x 540 x 1080 mm
Net Weight: 231 kg

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