GMP G21.50 Drying Ironer



G.50 has been designed to ensure massive non-stop output, whilst guaranteeing at the same time the high-quality ironing finish characterizing GMP drying ironers.

Strongly built with cutting-edge features like SKS System and FSS System, G.50 represent the ideal choice for the needs of the 4-5 stars hotels and of the small industrial laundries.

SKS System: Special Steam Suction Hood
A new and specially designed steam extraction technology that offers relevant benefits in comparison to the conventional system:
– Extra-wide steam extraction surface: water will evaporate very quickly from the linen and the belts, allowing working at higher ironing speed.
– Shorter drying times.
– No heat dispersion: because of its special design, the hood will extract only the humidity (steam) without affecting the temperature of the cylinder, eliminating heat dispersions and thus saving on energy costs.
– Extremely silent.
– Easy replacement of the pressure roller ribbons.

FSS: Floating Support System for the cylinder
FSS allows easy and quick replacement of the cylinder support wheels, one of the most common maintenance operations on a drying ironer. It additionally enormously increases system reliability thanks to the homogeneous weight distribution granted by the special design.
8 cylinder support rollers instead of the standard 4 additionally reduce wear and tear on the single components, extending their lifespan.


Hotels up to 150 rooms, restaurants, catering activities, sport clubs, communities, schools, nursing and care homes, shipboard laundries, oil rigs, small industrial laundries, dry cleaning shops.



  • Microprocessor control
  • Frequency controlled variable ironing speed
  • Specially developed pressure roller
  • Nomex ironing belts: long lasting and resistant to temperatures of 200°C
  • Temperature controlled on the whole ironing surface with 2 sensors
  • Liftable upper panel for easy inspection of pressure roller and ribbons replacement
  • Feeding belts
  • Smart foot pedal stopping feeding belts for maximum ease of introduction
  • Emergency stop button and finger protection bar
  • Front linen return
  • Automatic cool-down




Cylinder Dimensions: 2100 x Ø500 mm
Available Heating Sources: Electric, Gas, Steam
Hourly Production: E: 75 kg/h – G: 85 kg/h – S: 95 kg/h (r.h. 50%)
Heating Power: 39 kW
Gas Consumption: G20: 5,3 m³/h – LPG: 4 kg/h
Steam Consumption: 50 kg/h
Standard Supply Voltage: 400/3N
Ironing Speed: 1,6 ÷ 8 m/min
Ironer Dimensions: 2880 x 750 x 1290 mm
Net Weight: 1200 kg

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