Suspended Washer Extractors: F-Series (High Capacity)

Milnor Industrial Washer Extractor model 48040F7D

Features & Technology

  • MilTouch™ Control – resistive touch screen technology and full VGA resolution
  • RINSAVE® WATER SAVER – Save time, energy and labor
  • SMOOTHCOIL™ SUSPENSION SYSTEM – Corrosion resistant rubber/fabric reinforced anti-vibration springs
  • SOLID, INDUSTRIAL FRAME – Heavy gauge steel columns for maximum durability
  • Safe chemical injection system
  • Suspended frame for above ground installation (if required)
  • Tapered roller bearings aligned in a rigid housing for proper basket alignment
  • Over 1000 hours of testing in an out of balance state
  • Superior wash cylinder design for greater mechanical action
  • Long life machine

The F-Series of high capacity softmount industrial washer-extractors come available in models with a capacity of 125kg, tilt or non tilt version.

Download the spec sheet for available models

Save Labor                       Save Linen                         Save Energy                      Save Money

labor                              linen                              energy                              money



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