SPEED QUEEN Professional Washer-Extractor Mops for OPL

Speed Queen SF-MOP FC45 OPL

SPEED QUEEN Professional Washer-Extractor Mops for OPL

Best-in-class Quantum® Gold Controls

Revolutionary Quantum® Gold technology combines equipment controls, programming and wireless networking into one full-store management system, including: wireless networking, adjustable water levels and in-depth reporting. Designed to reduce costs and maximize revenue, Quantum gives you the power to achieve unprecedented levels of profitability.



• Stainless steel outer and inner drum
• Industry-leading 440 G-Force extraction removes more moisture, minimizing drying times and utility costs
• Totally freestanding: can be installed on any floor and any level
• Suspension with new out-of-balance logic
• Soap box with four compartments
• Standard soap supply injection allows easy connection with liquid soap pumps
• Door opens 180° for easy loading and unloading
• Available with drain valve
• Electrical heating or boiler-fed
• Longer lifetime: at least 15,000 cycles
• Special mop wash programs: mops & microfibers
• Protected heating element to resist dust and particles


Capacity: 9,5kg
Drum Volume: 96,8l
Frequency Controlled: 0,67kW
Extraction Speed: 1200rpm
G-Factor: 440
Electrical: 4,8kW
Type of Control: Quantum
H×W×D: 1027×683×704mm
Net weight: 113kg
Volume (packed): 0,71m3
Packed H×W×D: 1150x760x860
Gross Weight: 122kg
Ratio 1:9: 10,5kg
Market: Europe/CE
Actuation: OPL1 / PCP2
Voltage: 400v/50Hz/3N
Control Location: 45° front control
Colour: Grey
Basket: Stainless Steel
Drain: Drain Valve

Quantum Controls

• 6 programs
• 3 cycle modifiers
• LED notification
• Time remaining countdown

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