Ghidini Eolo M

Ghidini EOLO M

Rectangular and electrically heated ironing table, with or without boiler


  • Utility vacuum table with electrically heated board
  • Adjustable temperature of the board by means of a thermostat
  • Built-in single phase vacuum unit
  • Available either with STANDARD or with MAXI board
  • Steam iron assembly included in the version with boiler



  • Swinging arm with suction and heated sleeve shape
  • Swinging arm with suction and heated egg shape
  • Swinging arm with suction and spotting shape
  • Built-in electric and automatic steam boiler with iron
  • Water pump (for versions with boiler)
  • Steam iron assembly (for versions without boiler)
  • Steam gun
  • Steam air gun
  • Water spray gun with or without support
  • Sliding trolley with balancer, with or without lighting
  • Lighting

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