GMP 140.30 Chest Ironer


Model GMP 140.30 combines the features of the smaller GMP.25 ironers like compact dimensions and reliability, with the performance of the bigger models.

Compared to GMP1400ES, GMP 140.30 features a wider contact surface and a bigger roller diameter that deliver increased performance and a faster productivity.
32% more heating power and 22% higher ironing pressure definitely contribute to such result, combined with an efficient steam extraction for models fitted with this option.

GMP 140.30 guarantees an excellent finish on different types of linens up to 2.8 meters width and in particular on natural fibres such as cotton and linen, which makes this model particularly indicated for the catering and horeca sector.

Two ironing speeds allow a minimum speed adjustment to match different fabrics or humidity levels, while an electronic temperature control with freely adjustable temperature gives these ironers the necessary flexibility needed to answer the needs of the most different laundry activities.

Its electromechanical control is a perfect solution for extreme ambient conditions, where room temperatures or humidity can reach a critical point (tropical or extremely cold areas).
The simple design makes maintenance of these ironers easy and possible using in the majority of cases commercial or local parts: an ideal solution for remote regions/areas such as oil rigs or laundries on board.

This is the ideal choice for all the activities where a balance between investment and performance are required.


Hotels, restaurants, sport clubs, communities, schools, nursing and care homes, camps, shipboard laundries, oil rigs, small industrial laundries, dry cleaning shops.


  • Hard chromed chest guaranteed 3 years against corrosion
  • Electromechanical control
  • Two ironing speeds
  • GEMINI dual temperature control
  • Smart foot pedal stopping roller rotation and leaving hands free to adjust linen in the introduction phase
  • Aluminium feeding table
  • Emergency stop button and finger protection bar
  • Front linen return


Cylinder Dimensions: 1400 x Ø300 mm
Available Heating Sources: Electric
Hourly Production: 40 kg (r.h. 25%)
Heating Power: 9,9 kW
Standard Supply Voltage: 400/3N/50Hz
Ironing Speed: 2,7 – 4,3 m/min

Variable Ironing Speed: Option
Steam Extraction System: Option
Ironer Dimensions: 1970 x 540 x 1080 mm
Net Weight: 219 kg

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