IPSO CWC10 (Coin Operated)

Semi-commercial front load Washers

The IPSO commercial / semi-commercial front load washing machines are highly efficient, reducing operating costs through low water usage.

CWC10 semi-commercial front-load washer

The CWC10 semi-commercial or commercial washer offers 20% larger capacity washtub than previous models, while using only 6% more water. Its 1,200 RPM spin speed increases overall laundry efficiency by removing more moisture from loads. Less moisture translates into reduced drying times. Fast cycle times get the job done quickly, while the double load washtub provides lots of room for larger loads.

The CWC10 comes in capacity of 9,5 KG.


  • Heavy-duty design: a stainless steel washtub and outer drain tub combine with a rugged suspension system for long-lasting performance.
  • More efficient: 20% larger capacity washtub than previous models uses only 6% more water for improved efficiency without sacrificing performance.
  • Better extraction: 440 G-Force extraction removes more water from loads during the final spin–shortening dry times and lowering energy bills.
  • Revolutionary Balancing Technology: innovative balancing and baffle technology automatically redistributes uneven loads for consistent cycle times with minimized vibration and noise.
  • Coin-operated version available.

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