Industrial Tumble Dryers: DR Series (Large Capacity)


The name IPSO is synonymous with top performing industrial dryers.
By balancing airflow and heat input, IPSO industrial DR tumble dryers deliver fast drying without wasting energy.

They feature a concentrated airflow pattern and sealed cylinder rims to ensure maximum air utilization and energy savings. This superior drying performance helps laundries maximize throughput.

IPSO‘s industrial dryers are designed with fewer moving parts which creates less wear and tear. We make it even easier with a large, easy-to-clean lint compartment and a heavy-duty door hinge designed to withstand heavy usage.

Available in capacities 14, 17, 25, 26, 32, 51, 70 and 83kg, IPSO tumble dryers offer efficient, dependable drying every time.


  • Fast Drying With Reversing Cylinder
  • Quiet All-Belt Drive System
  • Self Cleaning Lint Screen
  • Optional Combustion Auto Response Equipped System (CARE):
    • Prevents early laundry fire by constantly monitoring the temperature in the drum
    • In case of excessive temperature, linen is sprayed with water

IPSO technology overdry prevention for industrial tumble dryer  IPSO Technology - Ecodry for industrial dryers

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