Jensen Butterfly

Jensen Butterfly

Provides the best folding quality
to the full range of towels thanks
to lateral folding by mechanical
templates and folding knives.

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  • Top quality folding
  • Top quality stacking
  • Flexible solution
  • High capacity

Top-quality folding

  • Lateral folding by mechanical templates and knife.
  • Cross folding by reversing conveyors.
  • Half fold and French fold possible.

Top-quality stacking

  • Stacking on Roll-Off stacking conveyor or directly on delivery conveyor possible.
  • Uniform stacking thanks to the accurate positioning of the folded piece.

Flexible solution

  • Half fold and French fold is possible.
  • Towels and leight uniforms possible depending on model and options.
  • Bypass during the machine is possible.

High capacity

  • Minimum human intervention thanks to automatic folding, sorting and stacking according to program and towel size.
  •  Machine capacity up to 1600 small towels, or 1200 towels of mixed sizes.


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