Jensen Centrifuge Z1200Plus Z1300Plus Z1400

Jensen Centrifuge Z1200Plus Z1300Plus Z1400

High performance centrifugal extractors for batch sizes of up to 100 kg / 220 lbs

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  • Low and even moisture retention of the batches
  • High G-force drum
  • Very short cycle times (min. 150 sec. for poly-cotton garments)

Low and even moisture retention of the batches

  • The inner drum has a large perforated drum surface for best water extraction performance.
  •  Due to low moisture retention figures and an even distribution of the moisture within the batch, garments can often be finished directly after the centrifugal extractor in a tunnel finisher (without conditioning in a dryer).
  •  The moisture retention values for heavy cotton articles will be lower in a press compared to a centrifuge, especially with short cycle times.

High G-force drum

  • The new inner drum has been designed by means of the most modern development methods to ensure maximum safety at high G-forces of over 800 G and has been equipped with a large perforated surface for a quick drainage of the water.

Very short cycle times

  • Basically all linen categories processed in a batch washing system can be extracted in a JENSEN centrifuge, however, the best application is the extraction of articles with a content of synthetic fibres, like poly-cotton garments, microfibres, incontinence pads, etc. Especially poly-cotton garments can be extracted more efficiently in a centrifuge than in a press even with very short cycle times.

New cushioning system

Minimum dynamic floor loads due to decoupling of the rotating drum unit from the base frame by inflatable air cushions Releasable friction absorbers for best balancing High efficient drive motor with low energy consumption.


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