Portable UV Light Steriliser/Charger/Aroma Diffuser Box

Product Description:

  • Portable UV Light Steriliser Box with Disinfecting, Wireless Charging, Aromatherapy & Voice Broadcasting Functions.
  • Suitable for phones, masks, money, watches, jewellery, toothbrushes, makeup, sunglasses/glasses, earphones, cutlery, keys, socks, gloves etc.
  • The UV Light removes 99.9% of germs in 5 minutes.


  • Standard Input Voltage: DC5V2A.
  • USB Output Voltage: ≤5V / 1A.
  • Disinfection Power: 2W.
  • Aromatherapy Power: 1W.
  • UV Wavelength: 253.7nm.
  • UV Lifetime: 10000H.
  • Material: ABS + PMMA.
  • UV Light Type: UVC.
  • Process Indicator: 25%/50%/70%/100%.
  • Working Temperature: (-10 ° to +45 °).
  • Item Size: 230*125*50mm.
  • Mobile Max Capacity: 6.5 inch mobile phone.
  • Weight: G.W.450g, N.W.380g.
  • Accessory: Micro USB cable.


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