Thermopatch: Ink Cassettes and Ink Ribbons

Thermopatch: Ink casettes and Ink ribbons

We are able to offer a wide range of ink cassettes, ribbons, and spools for various printing systems and all with ink that stands up to the cleaning process of the modern launderer or dry cleaner.

Thermal Transfer ribbons in various width, lengths and compositions for optimal cleaning results.
Ink cassettes for dot matrix based printing systems like Epson, Star, Minilogic, etc.
Ink spools for Thermoseal Y-126 and Tag-O-Matic
Ink ribbons for Perm-A-Rite and Codomark
C and D ribbons for Deco-Print and Perm-A-Print direct marking systems

For further information, availability and prices please contact us.

We use only the best in European consumables.


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